Do you need a trusted Elvish Translator?

Do you want to see how your name is written in the elven language with the Lord of the Rings style?

If you want an elvish tattoo and you do not know where to start, from we offer you an elvish translation service that stands out above the rest of the translators that you can find in the market.

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Advantages of our service

Lowest price in the market

Style 100% The Lord of The Rings

Double style of writing for the same price


Full HD

Infinite modifications

Close contact

Some of our Customers

"Amazing! exactly like The lord of the Rings style"
"I'm very satisfied with the service"
Miguel Campos
"I loved the second script because it's exact in the movie ring !! perfect work very fast "
Rebeca Herrero

Some tattoo designs

Service Details

· I write names and words in Elvish text (Quenya Tengwar, to be specific). I do not translate words from the Spanish / English language into words from the Elvish language. I make a literal transcription letter by letter using elven letters and their corresponding spelling rules, not a phonetic transcription
· To have an idea of ​​how your phrase will look, I make the following two styles, and I will send you the name / phrase written in both without any additional cost.
2 Styles
· I will send you a .pdf with the high resolution image of the elven characters. You can request any other type of file if it is more convenient for you without any problem.
· I will try to get your translation as fast as possible, how much more can I spend up to a week from the moment I receive the payment until I receive the final design. If it is not, the money will be returned and you will receive the design anyway.
· If the design ends in an Elvish tattoo I would ask if you do not mind sending me a photo and I will post it here (with your permission)


Our prices are the lowest in the market, we do not try to play with people with rare prices.
Ours are simples and exact.

Our Rates:

· 2€ First word (+1€ every extra word)

For example if you want to translate: “Why so serious?”.
There are 3 Words so it will be 4€ (2€ for “Why” and 2€ for 2 extra words)

Ways to payment:


Credit Card

Bizum Mobile


· I am delivering my best interpretation of the Elvish characters for your request. It is provided strictly on base as is.
· The interpretations of how to write any given phrase in Elven characters can vary widely since Elvish is an invented language, there are no native speakers to consult them.
· Debes comprobar mi traducción, sobre todo si estás considerando hacerte un tatuaje o algo similar. Los errores son siempre posibles. Descargar abecedario élfico
· Tattoos are permanent! Becoming one is a very personal decision. This site should not be interpreted as an incitement to get a tattoo.
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